Bluetooth Speaker vs. Wifi Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker vs. Wifi Speaker

Wireless speakers have long been useful for quickly delivering music across a home. To receive audio, these speakers may connect to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. How does it work, and what is the audio quality like?

Initially, how do they work? To put it simply they “compress” the data files in a different way in order to play music. Wifi speakers will work whenever there is wifi available in the area, and ultimately, they can sound better than any Bluetooth speaker available in the market Let us now look into the differences between the two common wireless speakers.

How Does A Bluetooth Speaker Work?

To make it easier to understand, data files are compressed into smaller sizes, which impacts how you hear audio since data is lost during compression. At a distance, it doesn’t always sound as sharp and clear as Wi-Fi speakers.

How Does A Wi-Fi Speaker Work?

Wi-Fi speakers with no compression may provide a far bigger audio signal than a Bluetooth speaker and hence sound significantly better. In other words, because less data is lost during the transmission process, their higher size generates better sound quality.

Bluetooth Speaker VS. Wi-Fi Speaker: Range

A Bluetooth speaker can easily be connected to any device as long as the Bluetooth is turned on. However, this does need to be close range in order to work smoothly, around 9 meters to 30 meters, depending on the brand and model. There are already multiple wireless and Bluetooth devices in the market, like a keyboard, mouse, and even microphones which also commonly only have about 15 feet range. The media is taken from the device itself, which means that its usage may be interrupted by the use of the source, such as phone calls or background sounds in apps.

Wi-Fi speakers are dependent on strength of the Wi-Fi connection itself and can be easily controlled by smart devices that use the same Wi-Fi network as the speaker. Wi-Fi speakers link to a single main system, allowing many speakers to be connected to play music around the house.

Bluetooth Speaker VS. Wi-Fi Speaker: Price

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers differ not only in terms of range and audio source but also in pricing. Both types of speakers may be found at low prices, but when it comes to audio equipment, you frequently get what you pay for. You don’t want to buy the cheapest speakers since the audio quality typically suffers. If money is an issue, you may choose a pair of Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are less priced and not difficult to get. If this is the sort of wireless speaker you want, you have a lot of alternatives.

But why are Wi-Fi speakers more expensive?

While Bluetooth speakers are intended to be used with a single device, Wi-Fi speakers are intended to be utilised in bigger systems. Because the speakers are compatible with a variety of components, this feature raises the price. Even when considering Smart Speakers, they are significantly more expensive than the usual speaker, but still fairly priced. The smart speakers listed below all use WiFi and have many sophisticated capabilities that Bluetooth speakers do not have.

Other Advantages:

Bluetooth Speaker

  • Bluetooth speaker is simpler and easer to use.
  • Bluetooth speakers are also easier to carry around
  • Some Bluetooth speakers may be associated with two or more devices at the same time. However, those associated devices must still take turns streaming to the speaker, which can only receive one signal at a time.

Wi-Fi Speaker

  • Most have a high-quality audio
  • Separate songs can be played in different rooms through wireless multi-room systems. Alternatively, they can all play the same song.
  • You may change the volume or play music from anywhere in your house.

Which one should you get?

There are several reasons to purchase a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker. Both can generate incredible audio, but there are certain distinctions that make one better than the other depending on how you want to use it. If you want to carry the speaker with you and listen to music from a mobile device, Bluetooth is the most convenient and cost-effective alternative. Bluetooth speakers provide excellent sound quality as well as mobility. It also takes only a few seconds to pair a Bluetooth speaker with a compatible device. If you do decide to get a bluetooth speaker then make sure to check our buying guide first!

Pairing a Wi-Fi speaker with a device is a little more complex, but once done, it’s not an issue.

If you want to listen to music or watch movies without having to sit near the speaker, you’ll want the power that comes with one that uses Wi-Fi for signal strength. There will be no signal disruptions, and the audio will sound significantly clearer from a distance.

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