Exhaust Fan Malaysia – 8 Best Ventilation Fan for Better Air Flow in Kitchen & Bathroom – 2021 Reviews

Best Exhaust Fan in Malaysia

8 Best Exhaust Fan Malaysia Models

Exhaust fans are very essential in order to ensure comfort in a room by improving a room’s ventilation. It is also very essential in order to maintain temperature, air quality and level of humidity. These types of fans pull odours fumes and moisture.

An exhaust fan is usually harder to choose from because of the little things to consider. Here we listed down what the top 8 best exhaust fans to choose from.

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1. BS BOSS 10 inch Exhaust Fan

Best of All

Looking for a powerful exhaust fan to clear the air in your home or office? Look no further than the BS BOSS Exhaust Fan Ventilator. This top-of-the-line fan is made from high-quality ABS material and features vortex fan blades that generate strong winds to help clear out smoke, fumes, and other pollutants.

It’s also easy to clean – simply remove the face cover and fan blade for quick access. And if you need extra power, don’t worry – this fan comes in sizes from 6 inch to 12 inch. Plus, it features a sealed pure copper witre motor with low friction and large exhaust force so you can be sure that it will get the job done.

Order your BS BOSS today

Why buy this

  • A convenient full tank that is easy to assemble and install
  • A sealed pure copper wire with less friction and larger exhaust force making the air circulation better.
  • A rear check valve design that prevents dust, insects and rain from getting.

The material is also ABS, meaning it doesn’t yellow quickly and is very easy to clean up. The vortex blades also ensure an easy clean for preventing oil pollution for better and cleaner air.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for the BS BOSS Kitchen Exhaust Fan are positive, with customers stating that the product is of good quality and that it works well. Some customers mention that there is no mounting point for the exhaust fan, but it can be easily attached using velcro straps. Customers also write that the pre-installed cable is short and it should be extended. All in all, customers are happy with the product and would recommend it to others. Check out the full reviews below:

“Order delivered safely. Nothing missing nor broken. All specifications good as advertised. Excellent product and seller. Thank you seller!!”

“The product is in good quality.”

“Very good. Quite powerful. It comes with a 3-Pin plug & electrical tape. The pre-installed cable is about 40cm long, be ready to extend yourself if you need it longer. I mounted it on my kitchen window grill. There’s no mounting points (maybe I missed it) so I used velcro straps to wrap it around the grills, which works well. I removed the ventilator flaps at the back (easy to do), otherwise I couldn’t place it directly against the grill.”

“good. it really suck the hotair out from the room.”

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2. Khind 12 Inch (30cm) Air Ventilating Fan EF1201

Suitable for insdutrial

Make life a little easier with this 12 Inch Exhaust Fan from Khind. Built for industrial use, the EF1201 exhaust fan promises up to 160 CFM and 158 decibels of noise level during operation. This industrial grade exhaust fan is fitted with safety thermal fuse protection in case you overload it so you can focus on what matters.

Ideal for any environment, the Khind 12 inch exhaust fan was designed with back-flow louvres so air can be directed away from other production equipment. Whether you need an intake or an outlet – rain or shine – this product offers your space durability and efficiency no matter which way the winds blow!

Why buy this

  • Built-in thermal fuse for safety, avoiding overheating.
  • Powerful and efficient motor
  • Low noise

There is also a backflow louvre that prevents the “bad” air from getting back into the room. The removable oil receptor is also there for easy cleaning as it simply collects the oil build-up ensuring clean air quality.

Customer Reviews

The Khind 12 Inch (30cm) Air Ventilating Fan EF1201 has received positive customer reviews, with many praising the fast delivery and good quality of the product. Some reviewers have noted that the body frame is made of plastic, but the back cover is made of a metal sheet. The fan has been certified by Sirim Malaysia and comes with a 3-year warranty. Here are the details:

“parcel already received,5 🌟 for the delivery,also tried the product hope it will last.very strong wind ang silent when turn on.but the body frame is made of plastic,only the back cover is made of metal sheet.thank you lazada and to the seller.”

“The cheapest price for RM 72 with 3 years warranty. Really happy with the purchase. Works really perfectly when installed yesterday. Even with the MCO in place – the items was delivered to me within a week. Really happy”

“Received in good condition. Delivery takes a week”

“Its so good, fast delivery . 100% Condition with a combo , it is Warranty for 3 Years Motor . This exhaust fan have been certified Sirim Malaysia . Made In Malaysia Guys . Proud with this seller.”

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3. KHIND 8 Kitchen Exhaust Fan EF8001

Built-in Thermal Fuse

The Khind 8 Kitchen Exhaust Fan EF8001 is a high quality, reliable exhaust fan that delivers out hot air and brings in fresh air without adding to the heat. Easy to clean design allows for easy cleaning with soap and water so you can continue using it for all your cooking needs.

This efficient kitchen exhaust fan eliminates all types of smoke, which takes up little space, so it doesn’t get in your way when working on big dinners or breakfasts at home. Alongside this, the blades are made of stainless steel, so they never rust over time! It also comes with a removable oil receptacle that filters away grease, minimising clogs after extended use.

The back-flow louvres prevent the back flow of foul air into your building, while the overheat protection function prevents the motor from overheating. It comes with a 3 years warranty on the motor, 5 high rigid blades and low noise operation for your convenience.

Why buy this

  • Rustproof and less vibration (less vibration = less noise)
  • PP material casing
  • Prevents backflow of the polluted air

A smaller option without compromising any comfort that it provides. The motor is also ensured to be the best quality.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for KHIND 8 Kitchen Exhaust Fan EF8001 are overwhelmingly positive. One customer reported that not only does this fan work well, but it also cools their house down. The customer was pleased with the shipping time and packaging as well. Here are the details:

“working nicely 👍. before fix this fan, I need to turn on aircond all the time. after install this fan, I seldom turn on aircond anymore. really cool down my house. “

“order received, considerably fast. products are as advertised but without plug nor accessories like fixing screw etc.. anyhow, they are the cheapest among sellers.”

“Very fast delivery!! Way ahead of time expected. GOOD JOB SELLER!! Packed very well too. Trusted and highly recommend.”

“good item with proper bubble wrapping”

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4. BSBoss Exhaust Fan – 5-06 6-inch Wall Mounted

Thinner Structure

An exhaust with a thinner structure that us suitable for any area of the household or office but is specially designed to suit a bathroom perfectly.

Why buy this

  • Deodorizing and dehumidifies the air, which makes this suitable for bathrooms.
  • Energy saving
  • The main reason why it can dehumidify and deodorize the air is because of the large volume of air it sucks in.

Because of the incredible quality of the motor, this exhaust is not only energy saving but also enable the appliance to create much less noise while in use.

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5. GOLD LUX 10-inch Wall Exhaust Fan – Type PVC

Best Airflow

With 128 rotations per minute, the amount of airflow definitely making sure that the air in the room is always fresh and at a comfortable temperature.

Why buy this

  • Thermal Fuse to avoid overheating even through long periods of use.
  • Made of PVC plastic so it is light but also very durable.
  • A different setting for various fan speeds

Due to the motor being in the best quality the only noise you hear once turned on is the air that is passing through. The lack of noise is also caused by the good airflow that the appliance provides.

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6. UniFan 6-12 inch shutter exhaust fan

Best for Household Use

Most suitable in the living room, dining room and bedroom etc., this fan is perfect for the household because the ventilation fans maintain the air flowing in the rooms. Contaminated air exhausts and provides fresh air ventilation.

Why buy this

  • Consumes very little amount of electricity
  • An open type motor that will cool the temperature down which prevents overheating.
  • Weatherproof

High airflow and low noise. Even though it is perfect for households, it is also suitable even for warehouses and shopping malls.

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7. KDK 25TGQ7 Ceiling Ventilation Fan

Best for Kitchens

A ceiling mounts exhaust that is perfect for the kitchen to remove the smell of cooking and for the smoke to not disturb the room. Highly suggested to be placed on top of a stove.

Why buy this

  • A new design for the louvre for a better outlook
  • Ball-bearing motor for a more durable performance
  • 10” Q-blade design for balance and quieter operation.

The high-efficiency motor allows the appliance to be energy saving. This can also be the choice so that wall aesthetics will not have to be compromised for better air.

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8. UniFan 4-8 inch bathroom exhaust fan

Smaller Option

Most suitable in the living room, dining room and bedroom etc., this fan is perfect for the household because the ventilation fans maintain the air flowing in the rooms. Contaminated air exhausts and provide fresh air ventilation

Why buy this

  • Big fan for strong ventilation
  • Check valve design for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Sealed copper motor with less friction and larger exhaust force makes the air circulation better.

This is a smaller option for a uni fan for smaller rooms, or just for people who prefer a smaller size exhaust fan. Despite its size, it is still very much capable of keeping the air fresh and temperature comfortable.

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Benefits of an exhaust fan for Kitchen & Shower

Kitchen & Shower exhaust fans are used to remove moisture and bad odours from the bathrooms. These fans also protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of these moisture and bad odours.

You can avoid health problems such as respiratory infections, allergies, asthma and other breathing-related problems when bathroom exhaust fans are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Using exhaust fans in your kitchen is necessary for proper ventilation. This is because the essence of cooking involves several activities that will produce unpleasant smells and moisture. This moisture and grease from kitchen exhaust fans need to be cleaned regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Without an exhaust fan, this odour will easily spread to the whole house. And moist air coming from boiling water or steam can lead to mould formation, which is very dangerous for people with asthma.

It would be best to consider having your bathroom ventilated because it has more toxins than any other place in your house.

The use of ventilation systems near bathroom exhaust fans will remove unpleasant smells, air pollution molecules and humidity, helping you create a pleasant surrounding to live in!

Bathrooms provide havens for mould growth if left unchecked. Moulds increase indoor air pollution levels as they break down waste products like hair oil etc.

Properly designed ventilation systems with carbon filters will ward off bad odours and remove any mould spores from the air in your bathroom.

Exhaust fans also remove atmospheric pollutants such as So2, NOx, CO2 to keep you safe from them.

If you have a toilet in your house, it is advisable to have an Exhaust Fan for each of them. These fans help clean up all the bad smells so that they do not spread around, contaminating the whole house.  

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What are the best brands of exhaust fans in Malaysia?

Khind, BSBoss, UniFan, and Gold Lux

What is the importance of an exhaust fan?

An Exhaust fan isvery essential in order to ensure comfort in a room by improving a room’s ventilation and maintaining temperature, air quality and level of humidity.

How does does exhaust fan cost in Malaysia?

An exhaust fans is affordable, some brands only costing around RM 50.00

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