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Techniques for a Hassle-Free Vacuum Cleaning

So, you finally bought a vacuum cleaner for your home. However, it turned out that general cleaning is still not as effortless as you expected it to be. You are not alone. Many new vacuum owners tend to think that vacuum cleaner will instantly make life easier. It will, and it does, but only when done the right way.

With these techniques, you are on your way to having a spot-free house, less the hassle. It requires some adjustment from your usual routine. These small adjustments, however, will make sure that you do not leave dirt and other pollutants lying around, simply from not vacuuming right.

Step 1: Remove all the obstructions

Unlike broom, it may be more challenging to get into small spaces under the furniture. It will also cause you trouble if toys and other stuff are still lying around as you vacuum. With this, it is essential to get rid of all the obstructions within your cleaning area first before bringing out the vacuum cleaner. It also helps to identify a “cleaning route” in your house so you would know what to remove first, or when to put things back in place. By doing this, you are less likely to miss a corner in the house while vacuuming.

Step 2: Check your reserve bag

If you are using a vacuum cleaner that uses a bag or any dust container, make sure to check this ahead of serious cleaning. Half-full containers or bags may overflow, and could, therefore, result in more mess as you clean. On the other hand, starting with a new bag before cleaning will give you the peace of mind that you can vacuum continuously with worrying about a full dust bag. Another good practice in preparing your vacuum cleaner is to pre-determine the type of nozzle that you will be using for your routine. Remember that you may need more than just one nozzle for the entire house, so it will help to keep it within arms reach.

Step 3: Do not leave a spot too soon

We seem too pre-occupied with finishing the task as fast as we can, or think that because of the vacuum’s suction, we can simply leave one spot at a time. However, when you want a thorough cleaning, it is best to linger for a bit in every spot that you are cleaning. This is particularly important when working with high traffic areas of the house. This will guarantee that all the dirt are eliminated, thus reducing chances for them to be spread across the house simply. Take your time, and you will see a significant difference and satisfaction at home sparkly clean the area will be.

Step 4: Schedule vacuuming

One of the common mistakes is to the only vacuum when you start to see accumulated dirt around. Once you see the dirt means that you have let it sit there for too long. As a new vacuum owner, building cleaning schedule, including vacuuming. After some time, you will find yourself spending less time cleaning because you can continually eliminate dust and pollutants through your routine.

These steps apply for almost all types of vacuum cleaner. For those using a robotic vacuum cleaner, make sure that your cleaner is fully charged in time for your cleaning schedule.

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