Benefits of Using Dashcam in Your Car

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One of the most sought after upgrades for earlier models of cars is a dashcam. Both public and private cars can be seen with dashcams, now. However, beyond being a car accessory trend, dashcams actually serve more crucial purposes aside from helping your park easily and safely.

Here, we take a closer look at the benefits of using a dashcam in your car, whether you are on the road or not. We’ll categorize these benefits for personal and enterprise car owners.

Benefits of dashcams for personal car owners

Lower insurance premiums

Some car insurance companies now consider the availability of dashcams in your car for the overall computation of your premiums. The expense you spend on buying and installing dashcams can be easily offset by the mount you save on your reduced insurance premiums. Next time you renew your comprehensive car insurance plan, look for insurance companies that offer “dash cam discount”.  It’s not so bad to get monetary ROI from your upgrade.

Solid Evidence

Accidents and other road situations will always be looming when you own a car. Having a dash cam will allow you to have clear and solid evidence in case you encounter a road accident, or witness one. Some states are now considering dash cam captures as legal evidence. In areas where it still does not count as an evidence, it can at least help you in coming up with a more accurate police report.

Responsible Driving

In relation to the above advantage, knowing that you have a dash cam capturing everything on the road, also encourages responsible driving. There are even dashcams that can generate a driving score for you, and these records can be used for insurance companies, as well.

Protection while parking

Presence of dashcam discourages people from attempting anything to do with your car, knowing that it has its own CCTV. This includes minimizing chances of scratching and vandalism, especially when parked in rather risky areas. Dash cam plus your car alarm will certainly help in preventing any tampering with your car while you are away.

Benefits of Dashcams for commercially used cars

Dashcams prove to be every vehicle operator’s best friend. It gives them a reliable monitoring tool of their automobile units, while also promoting more responsible usage from their drivers. A dashcam also ensures accountability on the part of your hired drivers, knowing that dash cam can capture every activity, both on the road and while on standby. This is especially helpful for companies that rely heavily on time and motion of the vehicles. Commercial drivers will become more productive while also ensuring their safety.

For car rental companies, installing dash cams in all their cars is a worthwhile investment. It gives them a better selling point for interested renters, since dash cams are perfect for exploring new roads, especially those that already has a GPS feature. This means that you can increase our rent rates, but offer something valuable to your clients, at the same time.

How do dash cams work?

Dash cams run on 12v power source to capture stills and videos from inside your car. It is literally like your own CCTV. It is installed at the windscreen or dashboard of your car, or both for wider coverage. All recorded media are stored in SD card.

Some dash cams also have Smart technology functions so you can monitor their capture through your phone or create a back-up in your computer. This ensures that you do not lose any important data from your dash cam. Finally, high-end versions of dash cams also have GPS and G-sensors, prompting you for nearby impact.

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