How to Juice Without a Juicer

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Sometimes, in our attempts to live healthier, we end up buying too much stuff and equipment to help us get there. We’re pretty sure juicer is on top of this list, with the many posts and claims about the benefits of drinking cold-pressed juice. However, not all of us have the budget or space for another home appliance. This is why we improvised on creating our own juice without spending more on a juicer. It is surprisingly easy and results in an equally refreshing and nutritious drink.

You will only need three things to do this – a blender, mesh strainer, and of course bowl or mason jar for your juice.  First, it is important to have the right combination of ingredients in order to extract the best tasting juices. A general rule is always to mix light and heavy flavours, as well only stick to one sugary fruit, mixed with stronger or bitter flavours. Unlike fruit shakes, no need to add any other ingredient before blending. However, we still add a bit of filtered water in case some bits get stuck in the blender. More tips to avoid here.

Slow and Thorough Blending Process

In order to retain as many nutrients as possible, we gradually add the ingredients to the blender, instead of putting them all together. This ensures us that every fruit is thoroughly blended. After all the ingredients are blended, we put it in a mesh over a jar or bowl to begin manual extraction of the juice. If you have a rubber spatula at home, that can speed up the process, as well.

What to Do with the Pulp?

 You may find it difficult to simply what the pulp of your fruits or veggies goes to waste. The thing is, they do not have to be! In fact, they can also be used for something more worthwhile and equally nutritious including adding it to smoothies, baking pastries, and even as natural fertilizers for your plants.

How can I store the juice?

Understandably, you may not be able to consume all the juice that you extract from this single process. The best way to preserve it is to immediately put it in the fridge in order to preserve whatever nutrient is left in it. Although it may not be the same as the time you drink it fresh, this is still a healthier and more refreshing alternative to other artificial and sugary drinks.

Blending vs Juicing

Now, here comes the comment debate between drinking blended drink or juice extract. Both are considered safe and healthy ways to take nutrients. Well, this would greatly depend on your priority or the immediate needs of your body. Juicing is no doubt the easiest way to absorb the nutrition in fruits and vegetables, as it is more concentrated. But without balancing it out, juices can also be filled with sugar, which is not really too helpful when the goal is weight loss or general fitness. On the other hand, the blended fruits and vegetables may be less concentrated, but it retains the fibre, which will aid in digestion. These fibres are also great anti-oxidants.

It’s great to know that with a single blender you can have both.  

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