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15 Of The Top Water Heater In Malaysia – Complete 2021 Reviews

Although Malaysia is a tropical country, there has been a steady increase in demand for water heaters. That is mainly due to the fact that water heaters easily increase a property’s overall value. Since there are many expats living in Malaysia, water heaters are now considered to be an essential element of the shower area in residential properties and condominiums.

A number of different brands have been introduced into the market, but it is critical to choose one that has been built to last, particularly if you will be using it in a leased property.  The following are our top picks of water heaters for Malaysia.

1. Panasonic DH-3LS1MW Instant Water Heater & Home Shower (White)

For any home that is in need of an easy to use and reliable water heater, we recommend this Panasonic instant water heater. It is ideal for small households and guarantees the safety of all those who use it.

  • 9 Safety point
  • Onsite warranty available for Malaysia
  • Low maintenance
  • One-way shower head

When purchasing any electronic product, one of the major considerations is how accessible their service centres are to where you are located in the country. Panasonic definitely has you covered. You can purchase a Panasonic water heater right here.

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2. Midea MWH-38Q Water Heater

One of the most commonly found brands in hotels is Midea. It is one of the main reasons why it is so easy to trust the brand. Over the past several years it has been among the leading home electronics suppliers and has earned the trust of a number of different industries.

  • Overheat protection
  • No pump required
  • Built-in auto flow sensor
  • Precise Thermal Cut out

No pump is required with this water heater. That means it is easy to install, and there is less intrusion on your bathroom’s overall structure as well. You can find it at the best price right here.

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3. Joven Instant Water Heater and 880 Series Pump

Another well-known water heater brand is Joven. It has proven to be very durable and safe. Its flexible hose provides more convenient usage. 

  • IP25 Splash Proof Protection
  • Stepless Electronic Power Control
  • Build-In EELS System and Surge Protector
  • Build-In Booster Pump with Double Ball Bearing
  • Stylish JOMET Colour Casing

Enjoy a comfortable and pleasant shower without getting burned due to inconsistent water temperatures. Purchase a Joven Water Heater here.

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4. Toshiba Instant Water Heater Shower DSK38S5MW (Pump Not Included)

We especially love the various shower models that make showering a very relaxing experience and offers a stable temperature as well.

  • Superior safeguards
  • Whirl Water Flow technology
  • Double relay safety protection

This Toshiba instant water heater definitely provides both safety and comfort. Also, it consumes less energy and heats quickly. Get the product here online.

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5. Midea MWH38P3 Water Heater 3.8kW Inverter DC Pump

This water heater features dual heating technology to provide a more efficient heating mechanism. It also is slim enough so that it fits in even tiny bathrooms. 

  • Quiet operation
  • Temperature Stability
  • Temperature and Pump Control
  • Whirl Flow Technology

Midea offers all of the features that are necessary for a water heater to have, yet at a more affordable price. You can get the best price on the water heater here.

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6. Panasonic DH-3RP1 Standard R Series Jet Pump Home Shower

If you would like your electronic appliances to have better energy efficiency, Panasonic has many different available options, which includes this Jet Pump Home shower. Given all of its safety features, it is best for families who have children.

  • Manual Reset Thermostat
  • Improved Performance For Low Water Pressure 
  • Electric Power Control
  • Energy Saving & Low Noise DC Pump

This Panasonic water heater series is water filter ready as well if you decide to install one at a later date. This heater can be ordered at its promo price online here. 

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7. Alpha Shower Water Heater LH-5000EP and Booster Turbo PUMP

One thing about this water heater that we really love is the thermal cut-off. This means that the power shuts off automatically if there is an abnormal increase in water temperature.

  • Adjustable and strong pressure
  • Nylon Fibre Internal offers protection against electric shock
  • Double Relay ELSD

The Booster turbo provides a solution for the need for more reliable water flow and more convenient and faster shower experience. You can purchase an Alpha water heater here online here.

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8. Joven Water Heater SA8E

To bypass having to deal with all of the hassles of installing a water filter yourself, this water heater from Joven comes with its very own filtering system for your convenience and safety.

  • Electric and water-saving feature
  • Quarter turn valve made with a long-lasting ceramic seal
  • IP25 Splash Proof Protection

There are also five different spray patterns to choose from for the optimal showering experience. Safety is also guaranteed since the water heater is IEC 60529 certified. You can get one here.

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9. Toshiba Rain Shower DSK38ES3MB-RS Instant Water Heater DC Pump

This is the latest release from Toshiba and is a significant upgrade from its prior water heater. It has a smart control system and a digital temperature display.

  • Energy efficient
  • Whirl Water Flow Technology
  • Five shower modes
  • Precise temperature setting

We find it very convenient to have this type of water heater that comes with so many different features but still consumes significantly less energy. The Toshiba rain shower can be purchased here.

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10. Panasonic N Series DH-3NDP1MS Instant Water Heater and Shower (Jet Pump)

This elegant water heater can be added to your shower room. For easy operation, it comes with an LCD display panel. Its sleek appearance can provide your shower room with a nice luxurious touch.

  • Digital temperature control
  • Ag+ Crystal-Antibacterial Shower Head
  • Water One Push Stop System
  • Power-One Push Stop System

The pumping system on this water heater features a quiet operation, which makes it the perfect choice for those with babies in their homes. This Panasonic water heater can be purchased here.

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11. Joven Rain Shower i90PRS Water Heater Inverter Pump

This new inverter pump offers silent operation. The rain shower head also provides a very relaxing shower experience.

  • IP25 Splash Proof Protection
  • Surge Protector
  • Built-In EELS System
  • Rainshower
  • Silent Inverter DC Pump

Joven has definitely perfected the accuracy of its water heaters and temperature controls. That is why we love their products. This water heater can be purchased here.

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12. Panasonic N Series DH-3NS2MS Instant Water Heater/ Shower (Non-Jet Pump)

The best warranty service in Malaysia is offered by Panasonic. That is why we are always very confident to buy from them. 

  • AG+ Anti Bacterial shower head
  • Electric Power Control (Analog)
  • Compact & Elegant Design

The N series offers sleek packaging and luxurious shower experience, so this is a great choice if you are searching for something to give your bathroom that special touch. It can be purchased here.

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13. Alpha Water Heater Smart 18I Plus Inverter and DC Pump Rain Shower

If you would like an update to your Alpha water heater this check out the Smart Rain Shower and heater. Enjoy the user-friendly functions that it provides.

  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Splash-proof IP25 Standard
  • Nylon Glass Fibre Internal Construction
  • Thermal Cut-Out
  • Auto Test

This water heater’s Smart technology basic provides peace of mind to users that they can shower every time with the utmost safety. Buy this Alpha smart water heater here.

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14. Rubine Rain Shower RWH-SSE851D-RCB Water Heater c/w DC Inverter Silent Booster Pump

If you are searching online for a water heater, Rubine is one of the leading brands you will find. That isn’t too surprising given the established reputation that this company has in the water heating industry.

  • Invigorating 360′ Rotating Diverter Shower
  • 60 Percent Energy Saving Inverter Silent Pump
  • Rain Shower Set of Chromed Accessories
  • High-Quality UL-Approved UK Heating Element Technology

This water heater offers a very luxurious shower experience. It comes with both a rain shower and a handheld head. Get the best price here.

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15. Pensonic PWH968EP Water Heater And Pump

Whether you prefer low or high pressure, this water heater provides the best compromise by offering you a very comfortable shower experience.

  • Stylish 5 Spray Pattern Showerhead
  • Splash-proof and anti-leak Body Design
  • Suitable for High & Low Water Pressure

Buying this water heater from Pensonic gives you a complimentary soap tray as well. It is SIRIM-approved, which makes it suitable for properties in Malaysian. Get the best price here.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Water Heater

Water heaters definitely add a lot of convenience and comfort to your showering experience. However, not all of the above water heaters might work for your lifestyle and space. The installation area is an important factor to consider.

You need to have enough space that is close to outlets as well as other inputs. If you live in a high-rise building you also need to ask whether or not the water heater has a pressure valve of its own. Water heaters that have a 6 bars rating or higher are ideal for elevated spaces such as condominiums. 

Checking out the following top picks for water heaters in Malaysia:

  1. Midea MWH38P3 Water Heater Inverter 3.8kW DC Pump
  2. Panasonic DH-3LS1MW Home Shower/ Instant Water Heater (White)
  3. Midea MWH-38Q Water Heater


What are Popular Brand in Malaysia?

The popular brands in Malaysia include Panasonic, Alpha, and Joven.

What is the purpose of a water heater? 🤔

Water heaters are used for cooking, cleaning, and shower. It warms the water that is potable.

How much is a water heater?

A water heater usually costs about 100 – 500 RM, depending on the type and model.

What are types of water heater?

There are two types of water heater. Storage water heater that requires a tank and instant water heaters that heat the water on-demand

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