Making the Most of the 12.12 Sale in Malaysia (2021)

If you missed out on the big 11.11 sale and all specially priced items available online, you still have a chance to save big. There are still many discounts and promotional codes available in Malaysia for the big 12.12 sale. There are many online companies offering special prices on their goods and services online and it is certainly something worth checking out.

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What is 12.12 Sale?

In case you have made some shopping plans but are waiting around to get the very best prices, there are some things you should know about the big 12.12 sales in Malaysia. Following is a short overview of what you can expect from one of Southeast Asia’s greatest shopping experiences.

This could be considered to the big black Friday sale that happens in the rest of the world, even though many Malaysia online companies participate in both. Best of all, it is set to take off just before Christmas. Some of the most important online shopping sites in Malaysia, like Asos, Lazada 12.12 sale, Shopee 12.12 sale and Zalora, offer some of their best prices during the 12/12 sales in Malaysia. This is considered their annual “thank you” for the great abundance and success these sites have during the rest of the year.

By the numbers

If you have noticed an increase in site traffic during the 11/11 sale, you will be happy to know that you can expect a repeat performance once the 12/12 sale rolls around. There have been a variety of reports that show the figures for online shopping traffic always goes up on these days, sometimes by as much as five times their ordinary levels.

In addition to this increase in online traffic, many of these reports also noted a 50% increase in “unique” visits during this limited time range. For this reason, those new sellers in the market are always fast to jump up and get the most of these opportunities by improving their brand presence.

As expected, most of the online traffic will be occurring during peak shopping hours which are between 9:00 PM and 12:00 PM. Those that will be shopping during this time will need to be patient as the slower loading times are caused by saturation of lines and websites featuring a variety of coding bugs. If you are not in a hurry for the items you need and if you believe they will still be there in the morning, it is best to avoid these hours for doing your shopping.

Sellers, on the other hand, will have to be clever. Preparation will make sure you have a full stock of inventory, especially for those options you know are going to be sold out quickly. This will ensure that you break sales records and establish a good connection with the many online shoppers you work with.

Remember that many of these shoppers will be shopping with a promotional code that allows them to access special prices, you will want to ensure you have a system in place to properly manage and track the codes used.

What to shop

We are quite sure you don’t need our help to choose your products and services, nevertheless, there are a variety of products that are on a special sale during this time and finding the biggest savings will allow you to obtain more and more THINGS. The same thing happens in other seasonal sales such as Hari Raya sales. In Malaysia, there are some especially “hot” items that are offered a giveaway price.

Christmas Gift Items

Someone was thoughtful enough to include Christmas gifts and holiday cheer savings just weeks before the end of the year celebrations kick-off. If trends continue as they have, this is also a great opportunity to hone in on some very rare online finds. This is also a great time to grab some choice items for friends and relatives that you will see during the holiday season as special deals are made for shipping rates.

Tech Accessories

By far the most profitable savings will be found when shopping through the great variety of tech accessories available on the online markets. Because these are very popular items these days, it is not often that the prices will see great fluctuations or that many sales will be provided for these items throughout the year – so this is a good time to grab what you need and maybe some gifts too. Whether you are buying something as basic as connectors and chargers to the most sophisticated Bluetooth items and accessories it will be a whole lot cheaper to buy them now.

Activity Coupon Code

It may not sound as glamorous as the other products being sold, but a package of activity coupons is a great option for those planning vacations soon. These packages include a wide variety of special deals and discounts for activities and services in many travel destinations you are likely to visit. If you will be taking a trip around Malaysia, your excursions to amusement parks and many other attractions will be cut back considerably. If you are a foodie, you will find discounts to special meals and dining experiences here too.

Beauty and Skincare

If you have been eyeing some special additions to your makeup and beauty regimen this might be the time to obtain these items with big savings. Many of the smaller local brands will be joining the most top-shelf and luxurious brand names in offering incredibly low prices. You can expect to see savings of up to 70% off so if you were looking for a good time to swap out some of your older items with newer higher-quality brands, this is a good time. If you have been collecting coupons from purchasing from a specific brand or provider, now would be a good time to cash those in for incredible savings.

Tips on How to Not to Miss out on this 12/12 Sale

You can imagine the shops and sellers will have been preparing for months for this year-end sale and this means you are more likely to find exactly what you are looking for if you take the time to prepare properly. Of course, the demand for the item you want will be higher this year than it has been before so it will take some brains to stay ahead of the hoofbeats and make a claim to the items on your list.

One thing you can do to avoid too much searching is to subscribe to the email subscriptions of your favourite online providers. This way you will know exactly what is being offered where and cut out much of the intrigue. You might even find a collection of coupons being offered from these sources that can be redeemed at specific hours of the day – so set your clocks to take advantage of the huge savings!

Another fail-safe way of getting the items you really want from the online stores you have selected is to add them all to your shopping cart in advance and then pay for everything once the sales are applied. You can even grab those that were in the cart when 11/11 sale (Lazada 11.11 or Shopee 11.11)was going on and you may have missed an item or two.

Sellers will need to be on their game as well and not compromise your chance to make great sales to gain popularity. This means your stock and inventory will be your primary concern when planning for this season. But only slightly less important will be the need to thoughtfully plan your discounts and offers. You have a great opportunity to transform inventory into cash, but your profit margins will only be widened through careful planning and preparation.

So get your bank cards and credit cards ready people because this 12.12 sale is shaping up to be the mother-of-all cash extravaganzas and no one wants to be left behind. Consumers must do their careful research and prep work to make sure they get the best savings. Providers must be twice as careful to ensure they have a product to go around and the sharpest plans for discounts and offers. This way everyone will go home happy.


What is 12.12 Sale ❓

12.12 Sale is Asia’s Black Friday Sale or another big sale day for those who miss the Single’s Day Sale. Click here to find out more.

Who Are The Top Participants In big 12.12 Sale ❓

Lazada, Shopee, Zara & Hermo are some of the top participants in big 12.12 sales in Malaysia. Click here to find out more other top participants.

How Much Of Discount ✅ You Can Get From 12.12 Sale Event ❓

You can expect a huge discount from these companies up 70-80% discount. Most companies provide discount starts from 30% discount. You can find out more discount on Lazada and Shopee here.

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